Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ethan Loves to Cook

Ethan loves to “cook”. In doing this he will push a kitchen chair over to a cabinet, reach up and pull some spices down, pull some cans of food down, and sprinkle spices on top of the cans. He also like to put things into the oven. It occupies him a lot, but he does tend to make a big mess with pulling everything out, and especially if he actually uses the spices.IMG_3066He likes to tell me what he’s making. What he makes changes from day to day. He may be making pizza and salad one day (which he doesn’t even eat salad), and he may be making asparagus or peppers the next.IMG_3067He likes for Gary or I to sit at the table to “eat.”

He will bring me one of his plates with “food” on it and then later bring me a bowl and spoon out some more onto the plate. He will often say that it’s hot and that I need to blow on it.Ethan teaching Sienna how to use a steamerEthan teaching Sienna how to use a steamer.IMG_2862He loves to wash dishes too.  Of course, he gets himself pretty wet.IMG_2882One solution to him getting wet—no shirt or pants.

It has been nice for him to be able to do all of this because we have safety locks on our cabinets in Budapest. Also, he hasn’t been able to reach the cabinets in our kitchen even if he has a chair. He has enjoyed playing in one of the cabinets we have in Budapest, but I guess I’ll need to get some pots and pans out when we get back so he can cook some things.

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