Friday, June 29, 2012

Cherry Pickin’

Last year our cherries and apricots weren’t ready until July.  So, I was surprised when a friend came over to pick some and said that if I didn’t pick the cherries in the next few days they would go bad.IMG_5888Ethan wasn’t too interested in picking cherries.  He picked a few and then got a hammer to bang on a cement brick.IMG_5865 Sienna picked… IMG_5866and then ate. IMG_5868Sienna ended up picking cherries up off of the ground and eating them (seeds and all).  She also ate some dirt from a mole’s mound while she was scouring the ground.IMG_5867Hoping Mom will drop some cherries while she is up there.IMG_5881 Trying to get to the cherries

After I started pitting the cherries I realized that a good number of them had worms in them.  Yesterday a friend said that she had a lot of worms in her cherries and heard that it was a “wormy” cherry season this year.  I’ve been trying to not think of Sienna eating so many cherries that had fallen to the ground.  Thankfully she is too young to care about worms or seeds. :-)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gary’s Birthday

On Sunday, Gary turned the big 5-0!  IMG_5819I love to cook, but don’t enjoy baking.  I often try out new recipes on guests, and ended up doing this with the cake too.  I didn’t have enough of one ingredient for the frosting, so I just left it out.  And then I added peanut butter (which I make myself).  The frosting was pretty pasty, but it worked out okay.  The cake was not too pretty with the frosting like that, so I just put chocolate shavings on top with a few raspberries from our raspberry bushes.IMG_5825Our team came over for dinner, cake, and ice cream on Saturday night to celebrate.IMG_5842I gave Gary a can of Dr. Pepper (which can only be found at a few stores here for a high price) along with an Austrian drink that he loves and can only be found at one store that I know of here.  When we gave them to Gary, Sienna got the Dr. Pepper and tried to drink it (she’s never had anything to drink other than water and milk).

I surprised Gary by having a babysitter just show up at our house Sunday evening for us to go eat dinner (something we never do!).  We went to an Indian restaurant.  We were trying to figure out the last time that we ate at an Indian restaurant, and it may have been when I was pregnant with Ethan.  Neither of us could remember for sure.  Afterward we stopped by a place called “Philosophers Garden.”  Neither of us have been there before, and since Gary’s major was philosophy he has wanted to go.  He was quite disappointed since there were only a handful of “philosophers” (which were actually more like religious leaders).  Jesus was one of them and was just on the same level as Buddha and the rest.  So sad to see the Savior of the world, and the only one of these men who actually rose from the dead, be put on the same “playing field” as these others. IMG_5849 There was a nice view, so that part was good.IMG_5859 And this sculpture was also interesting to see.  We assume that it is the “marriage” of Buda and Pest.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Team Picnic

Our team usually has a picnic each May.  This time we went to a park in the city that none of us had been to before.  It was by the Danube river and was really nice—lots of green grass!  I didn’t feel like I was in Hungary while there (except seeing some big smoke stacks across the river).IMG_5419Well, we almost have everyone smiling and looking at the camera.   IMG_5421We took our little tent for Sienna to take a nap in while Grace and Susanna watched all of our belongings while the rest of us went for a walk.  This was the first time Sienna has been in the tent, and the first time we’ve tried for her to take a nap outside (she’s pretty set on being in her bed or a pack ‘n play to sleep).  She didn’t sleep, but the girls said that she lay there quietly and patiently the whole hour.IMG_5437Some of us stopped at the playground for the boys to play.  I was taking some pictures of Ethan and Drew, and all of a sudden Ethan held on to the bar above him and threw his feet off.  I took a few pictures until he realized that he couldn’t get his feet back on something.  The other mom was impressed that I didn’t panic, considering that if his hands slipped then he would fall.  I couldn’t reach his feet from the ground, so he was up pretty high just hanging there.IMG_5449Sienna is pointing, letting Grace know what she wants.IMG_5450Grace handed her the bad mitten racket, so she is a happy little girl now.IMG_5451Guess she has learned from her brother what to do with the racket and ball.

In the meantime, Ethan is LOVING playing with the “big” boys.  He enjoys tackling them whether it’s playing football or trying to get Ben’s ball cap.IMG_5455IMG_5454IMG_5456

IMG_5465Cade is so gentle with Sienna (he is one year older than Ethan and needs to model this for Ethan :-)).  Cade was humming to Sienna and making her laugh.IMG_5477 We ended our day with playing baseball (using a wiffle ball and this huge bat that one couple brought from the States).  Ethan had never used a bat before and didn’t have a clue how to play.  We were in the outfield first, and he kept telling me that he wanted to play baseball.  Of course I tried to explain that it’s not just hitting the ball the whole time.  Once he did get a turn to hit, I “helped” him.  After hitting the ball, he didn’t want to run to 1st base.  Gary had to carry him there.  Then after the next person hit the ball, and we all yelled for Ethan to run, he started running straight into right field (like you run to first base and then keep going).  It was hilarious!  I wish that I would have thought to take a video.IMG_5469Sienna’s role during the game was to just be cute.IMG_5481

IMG_5432Our team leader and his wife, Trent and Vivian, have served in Europe for 39 years.  They are moving back to the States in August.  They will be greatly missed!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tick Shot and Gloves

Those of you in the States may not be familiar with a tick shot.  I was told before moving to Hungary that I needed to get one, and that was the first time that I had heard of them.  In fact, at that time, the health department in the States didn’t give them, so I had to get one here.  There are lots of ticks in Hungary and several things you can get from them.  Besides limes disease (which you can get from ticks in the States too), one of the things you can get is tick-borne encephalitis.  This can be fatal, but it is rare.  However, it can cause permanent damage to your nervous system.  Russia and Europe have 5,000-7,000 human cases of tick-borne encephalitis per year.  

Since Gary and I enjoy being outdoors and in the woods, etc. we thought it best for Ethan to get these tick shots too (you can begin them after a child is 2 years old).  Ethan got his yearly follow-up tick shot at Sienna’s 15-month check-up.  He is fine knowing that he will get a shot up until a few minutes before it happens, then he says that he doesn’t want it.  Often a child gets a sticker or something after they get a shot.  Well, for Ethan, it’s a pair of doctor’s gloves.  Yes, he doesn’t care about the sticker, but he has a fascination with gloves.  It has been this way for over a year.IMG_5314Here is a picture of Ethan at the pediatrician’s office with his two gloves.    IMG_5090This picture was from about a month ago where Ethan was playing with a glove he had gotten.  IMG_5505 Ethan likes the latex gloves like people in the medical profession wear, but he will settle for other ones such as mitts or the plastic kind that some people wear for cleaning.

These two pictures above are actually  unusual because Ethan usually wants someone else to put the glove on and wear it.  I wore the mitts for a while before Ethan actually put them on where I could take this picture.