Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kandern, Germany

I had my last Bible class through PBU last week.  I finished all of my educational classes a few years ago, but still had a few Bible courses to complete my master’s degree in International Education.  Professors fly to Kandern from Philadelphia each summer to teach graduate classes on the campus of Black Forest Academy (a boarding school for missionary kids).  We have pre-course work and then five days of class from 8:30-4:30.  Then we have post course work to e-mail to the teachers afterward.  It worked out well with the timing to nurse Sienna before going to class, then at lunch time, and again after class.  The teacher kept us later than we were supposed to stay on most days, which caused me to be a little concerned.  But typically Sienna was just waking up from her afternoon nap when I would get back.

Kandern is the smallest city in Germany.  It is a beautiful area and a great place for hiking.  Sadly, it was fairly cold and rained most of the days we were there.   Seeing as how I love the mountains it would have been difficult had I seen this place before moving to Budapest.  If I could have had a choice I would have chosen to serve at BFA due to the location (as well as the ability to get certain food items that we can’t get here like sweet pickles :-)).  It’s a good thing that I knew I had been called to ICSB by the time I ever visited BFA.

It was strange talking about Systematic Theology for hours each day when I’m used to talking about tractors, trucks, and animals much of my days.  I really enjoyed the class a lot and found it to be helpful for ministry.  I also enjoyed being able to discuss the material with Gary after the kids went to bed each night since he already knows all that I was learning.

We stayed in someone’s apartment who lives across from the train station.  Ethan enjoyed seeing the trains up close in person.IMG_9991IMG_0005He also liked being the center of attention.  Our class went to an ice cream shop one afternoon.  As you can see, Ethan is sitting in the middle of everyone just loving being a part of things.

5 Months

Sienna turned 5 months old a few weeks ago.  She is entertained more and more by her brother.  We are amazed at how he can be rough with her and she will smile and laugh.  It’s strange to look at pictures of Ethan at her age.  He looks so much older than she does.  He was actually 2.5 pounds heavier than she is and one inch shorter.

Sienna is around the 80th percentile with her height.  I find that hard to believe that she is taller than 80% of other baby girls her age when some of her 3-6 month clothes are still too big or too long for her.IMG_9820IMG_9823IMG_9982She woke up one morning with hair sticking straight up.  It was basically this way most of the day.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cooling Off in the Heat

We have bought a blow-up pool from someone and have been given a blow-up pool over the last few years.  Both of these have had holes in them where we couldn’t find all of them, so needless to say they didn’t work.  Yesterday some friends gave us a kiddie pool that they brought from the States when they moved here.  It was for their daughter, whom I actually taught in the first grade (she’s going into 10th grade this year).  When Ethan went over with us to get the pool, he asked Jennifer if it worked.  He was used to us having to tell him that the pools we had didn’t work.

It was perfect timing.  The weather in June was fairly nice and more on the cool side of things, but we are now experiencing summer.  It’s hard to believe that it was cold enough last week for Sienna to wear long sleeves and pants, and yesterday was 90 degrees.IMG_9897IMG_9902Ethan enjoyed putting water in the pool and “helping” Gary clean it.IMG_9916   Today Zsuzsi’s family came over to pick cherries and apricots from our trees.  Edit’s parents own a peach farm, so she has been looking forward to getting fruit from our trees all summer.IMG_9924Such a cutie… yes, both of them!

Today was over 90 degrees, so when Edit called I told her that we got a new pool and that Zsuzsi and Ethan could play in it when they came over.IMG_9937Ethan patiently putting the water into the pool.IMG_9939Now everyone patiently waiting for the pool.IMG_9961  Ethan and Zsuzsi having a dandy ‘ole time.IMG_9945A future playmate of Sienna’s- Kata. 

I put a swimming suit on Sienna and planned to put her in the pool, but the water was too cold, and by the time the kids were getting in the pool it was Sienna’s nap time.IMG_9968A good-bye hug.  Ethan used to hug Zsuzsi, but she didn’t like it.  During the last few months she has let him hug her and doesn’t seem to mind at all.  She even asked for a 2nd hug today.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


We finally got the Exersaucer out for Sienna to use.  She seems fascinated with the mirror on it.  I don’t think Ethan ever noticed the mirror when he used it.IMG_9752This is a picture from Sienna’s first time in the Exersaucer.  This is the only clothing that she has that is blue (other than turquoise).  I think it looks SO good with her blue eyes.  I love to dress Ethan in blue too for the same reason.  IMG_9767   She spent a lot of time checking out the mirror.IMG_9769I love her big toothless smile.IMG_1499And now, for comparison purposes, here is a picture of Ethan his first day in the Exersaucer two years ago.  He was about a week younger than Sienna is in these pictures.IMG_9780She’s into the mirror on the play gym now too.  Once again, Ethan didn’t pay a lot of attention to the mirror on the play gym.  Looking at yourself in the mirror all the time… must be a girl thing.IMG_9786Had to get a picture of the cute bear on her bottom.  When Gary puts these pants on her, he always puts the bear in the front.  I laughed the first time that I saw it. 

It was nice to just say her name while she was having tummy time and her look up at me.  Gary and I loved this stage with Ethan so much more than the newborn stage, and feel the same with Sienna.  It’s so fun when they can interact more.  With Ethan we have enjoyed each month more and more and I’m sure it will be the same with Sienna.