Monday, September 30, 2013

Backyard Camping

We have wanted to camp with the kids in our backyard so that they will get used to it for us to do during our vacations in the future.

My tent is a two-person tent (which is for one person, or two people if they don’t want to move around much), so we borrowed one from some friends.  It was probably the biggest tent that Gary or I have ever slept in!DSCN7669

We went to someone else’s house for a cookout and didn’t return until it was already the kids’ bedtime, so unfortunately we didn’t get to do the campfire that we had planned.

DSCN7563Heading out to the tent!  Sienna doesn’t look too happy here, but she was excited about sleeping in the tent. 

DSCN7604Reading by flashlight

DSCN7580We bought Ethan’s sleeping bag in May from someone moving back to the States.  We didn’t have anything for Sienna, so used this sheet sleeping bag that a friend’s mom gave me as well as blankets.  It was the middle of August and was much colder than Gary and I expected for the night time.

We were all sleeping when Gary and I were woken at 11:00 by our neighbors coming out on their back porch laughing and being quite loud.  The next thing I knew there was very loud music playing on their back porch, just 20 feet away.  Gary and I both were shocked that the kids were sleeping through it.  So, we tried going back to sleep… without success.  Ethan woke at 1 am, we assumed either from being cold or by the party, which yes was still going.  After Sienna woke, Gary and I just decided that it was best to go inside.  From our experience when our neighbors have a party it goes into the early hours of the morning, so between Gary and the kids being cold and the music blaring into our yard we decided we would try again later (probably making sure that our neighbors weren’t planning to have a party first).

It was a fun first attempt at camping with the kids.