Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thank You Galilee VBS

The doorbell rang one morning while Gary was in Croatia.  It was a postal worker delivering a package.  I was surprised because most of the packages that we get are from my mom, and she tells me when to expect a package.  The box was addressed to Ethan and Sienna.  We opened it up, and it was a gift from Galilee Baptist Church in Loveland.  The kids in their vacation Bible school made packages for the missionary kids that the church supports.

It was such a sweet surprise, and the kids loved having some new things.  The timing actually worked out well too, because they had something “new” to play with while Gary was away.  I’m hoping that their teacher will be able to show the kids these pictures from our blog so they can actually see our kids enjoying what they sent.IMG_7019The plastic container itself could have been the gift alone.  The kids enjoyed hitting it like a drum before I opened it.  And, it makes a great little storage container.

  IMG_7022Opening their cards that the kids from Galilee made for them. 

IMG_7025As you see Sienna already “claimed” the stuffed animal while Ethan was intrigued by the stickers. 

IMG_7027They both love to look at books, so they enjoyed looking at the books they received.

IMG_7030THANK YOU Galilee from the Rickards!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kids Play Time

Thankfully the weather was nice while Gary was in Croatia.

IMG_6922Seth and Kate came over at the beginning of the week.  I was glad to catch up, let the kids play, and eat Caesar salad that Kristen brought.

Later in the week a few other moms came over and we all made salads to share.

IMG_6994It’s usually difficult for us moms to get the kids to eat when they’re all together (and outside!) like this.

IMG_6998No problems getting them to eat popsicles!

IMG_7008After Ethan and William ate their orange juice popsicles they each wanted more.  So, I gave them some blueberry/raspberry smoothie popsicles that I made.

IMG_7006  Love this picture!

IMG_7012“How many of us can we fit up here?”

IMG_7014So this is how it happens with the younger siblings getting sweets.  Thankfully it didn’t have any sugar.

IMG_7016“I hope Mom doesn’t catch me.”

Friday, September 14, 2012

Last Pool Time

Sadly, we only made it to the pool twice this summer.  We hoped to go a number of times as our vacation this year, but it just didn’t work out.  We did manage to squeeze in about 4 hours one day before Gary left for Croatia (the pool closed his last day of teaching there).IMG_6766Ethan, Evan, and Tosha playing above, and Evan and Ethan below.IMG_6767

IMG_6779“Should I try this or let Daddy set me on top of the slide?”

IMG_6781“So happy I made it to the top!”

IMG_6788Ethan didn’t want to go in the “deep” pool.  I was finally able to persuade him to let me carry him around the deep pool.  Once Evan and Tosha got in he didn’t have anymore problems being in the deep water.  For a while I had Ethan on one arm and Evan on the other.

IMG_6791Yulia showed me the float-type thing that they got for Evan in the States.  I took a picture of it and sent it to my mom, and she actually mailed one over here.  So, Ethan was able to test it out.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Holiday Picnic

August 20th is a national Hungarian holiday.  There are fireworks downtown, etc. (kind of like America’s July 4th).  We did not go downtown but we did go to a nearby park (that we’ve actually never taken the kids to) and had a picnic with Michelle, William, and Joshua.IMG_6702      IMG_6707I was so excited that Ethan actually ate his sandwich (which often doesn’t happen when other kids are around).


IMG_6716Playing after lunch

IMG_6717Watching the boys play

IMG_6721Michelle, Joshua (and baby boy #3 on the way)