Sunday, March 28, 2010


Last Sunday afternoon we went for a walk since the weather was so nice. This slide is at the end of our block, so we decided to stop for Ethan to try it out.

He absolutely loved it!
It got to when we would put him at the top, he would put both hands on one side of the slide and turn his body where he ended up going down the slide partially on his side and partially on his stomach.

By the time he would get to the bottom he would be completely on his stomach.

Funny Faces

Once again I haven't posted anything in awhile. I don't know how people find the time to keep up with blogs, especially when they write a ton. It would probably help if I were more computer literate, but it takes me a while to post the little bit that I do.
So, these pictures are from after a church service a few weeks ago. While I was meeting with a potential new nursery worker, Gary and Ethan were having fun as you can see below.