Sunday, October 31, 2010

Feet Fetish

For several months now, Ethan has seemed to have a feet fetish, but specifically with my feet.  He likes to take my slippers and socks off and then put my feet around his waist.  He also holds my feet up to his face.  At first I thought it was because of the toe nail polish, but then he still did it when I wasn’t wearing any.  He doesn’t seem to do it as often as he was, but even this morning when I was getting ready in the bathroom, he was taking my slippers and socks off.  Of course, when I’m standing it’s a little hard for him to wrap both of my feet around his waist.Ethan1cropped 

These two pictures are the only ones that we have to show how he puts my feet around his waist.  The top one is blurry, but you can still tell.


Boy or Girl?

I think everyone knows the answer to this by now, but just in case I will post it on here that we are having a girl.  We found out over a month ago, but I just haven’t had time to work on blog posts.

Of course, one of my first thoughts was that we would have to buy all new clothes.  Most of Ethan’s clothes are blue or dark brown.  I love blue (and actually don’t like pale pink), but I don’t want people thinking that my baby is a boy because of seeing the boy clothing.  Nor do I want her to grow up and see that she was wearing blue in all of her baby pictures. :-)  Thankfully, my mom has already mailed a newborn outfit over here for her.  She’s very excited about having a granddaughter.  Kristen’s parents also brought a 3 month outfit for a girl and gave us when they visited a few weeks ago.  THANK YOU Doug and Patty!  That was very thoughtful when you had limited luggage and 2 grandchildren of your own to bring things to (as well as Kevin and Kristen).