Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Son, the Fireman

Ethan enjoys fire trucks and playing firemen (sometimes he calls it “firefighters”).  He likes for Gary and me to lie on the couch or even stand against the wall and pretend to sleep until he “rings” the bell for us to get ready to fight a fire.  The fire pole that we are supposed to go down changes from an imaginary one to a broom to a column in the house.

DSCN2023Putting fires out with the different “water hoses”.DSCN2477Ethan slides the shopping cart around the floor as a fire truck and sprays out fires.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ethan Studying the Church Directory

Ethan enjoys occasionally looking through the church directory from our church here in Hungary.  If he doesn’t know who someone is, he asks who they are and sometimes other questions about them such as where do they live (like in the city or one of the other surrounding towns).

DSCN2049So focused

Ethan pointing out that this family has moved to the StatesHere he is pointing out that this family has moved to the States.

DSCN2443We just got a new directory at the end of December.  Ethan didn’t want to eat dinner so he could look at it.  We told him that he had to eat first, so he ate quickly.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Taking Down the Christmas Tree

Well, it came to that sad time of year when we needed to take down the Christmas tree and decorations.  One month is such a short time to have them up, but I don’t like doing it much before December, and definitely not before Thanksgiving.  With Gary leaving for a teaching trip so early in January and then leaving again after one day we decided to take everything down on the 1st.  The kids helped.

DSCN2460 DSCN2462 DSCN2473DSCN2466

Saturday, January 5, 2013

For William and Peggy

My uncle and aunt sent a Christmas package for Ethan and Sienna and couldn’t open the pictures I sent in e-mail.  So, here are a few so they can see them.

DSCN2401I personally think this picture is precious (but I’m biased :-)).  Sienna still doesn’t understand what it means to get a package or when the green postal truck comes and the postman rings our doorbell, but Ethan does and gets very excited!

DSCN2410We had to restrain Ethan and encourage Sienna to pull things out of the package.DSCN2412DSCN2419DSCN2423The kids loved their toys and books!  Thank you William and Peggy!