Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pictures at 4 and 5 Weeks

IMG_8117 Sienna is 4 weeks old in this picture.  One of the women on our team gave her this little bathrobe as a gift.  How cute!

The pictures below are of her in the play gym at 5 weeks.IMG_8217I think the look on Sienna’s face is funny in this picture.  She is looking at Ethan like, “What in the world are you doing?”  I’m sure we will see her give Ethan this look often.IMG_8220Ethan still loves to hug her a lot.  He even asks to hug her while he is eating meals.IMG_8225He is encouraging her to do tummy time by doing it with her.IMG_8230And, of course, another hug.  I sure hope that she ends up enjoying hugs because Ethan loves to give them.  He has a couple of friends who don’t like hugs (and he wants to give them hugs a lot), so it will be difficult if his sister doesn’t end up liking them.IMG_8303Gary is giving Sienna her first bottle in this picture.  We decided that we had better go ahead and see if she would take a bottle since I have a Crusade women’s thing tomorrow night and hoped to leave her at home with Gary giving her a bottle.  Maybe I will be able to get a picture sometime of Ethan trying to pull his shirt up and use the breast pump on himself.  He understands that it is to get milk for the baby, so it’s funny to watch him try to use it on himself.

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