Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Eve

We invited several families over for Christmas Eve to have a Swiss meal called Raclette.  We actually met three of the people when they came to our house.  They were a single girl and her parents, all of whom teach at a school in Kenya.  They came to visit one of the single teachers from ICSB that we had invited over, so we extended the invitation to them as well.

DSCN0527We started off by singing Christmas carols.  Gary normally plays the guitar for us to sing, but one of our guests knew how to play the piano so we sang while she played the piano and the kids played instruments (Sienna is doing the sand blocks in the picture above). 

DSCN0545This was the first time that we did raclette with other children, but I think it worked fine.  We borrowed a raclette grill from some friends since one wasn’t enough for a group this size.DSCN0546Ethan and Alister enjoyed sitting next to each other.  I was thankful that Ethan ate (which he often doesn’t when socializing interferes with eating).

DSCN0564After our guests left I tried to get pictures of the kids together.  They mostly wanted to goof off.  Ethan has a funny face in this picture above, but I love how it shows Sienna laughing at him.  He makes her laugh a lot. 

DSCN0571I love watching Ethan and Sienna play and laugh together.  I especially like it when I can get a decent picture of the two of them together smiling and looking at the camera at the same time.

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