Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Day and Small World

We originally invited some families over for Christmas Day, but things were changed around and we went to the Beattys’ house.

DSCN0718It’s amazing at how it is such a small world! Ben and Rachel are missionaries in Russia and came to Budapest to work on some visa and medical things.  Yulia knew Ben from many years ago and recognized him in a mall a few weeks ago in Budapest.  She and David invited him and his family to our church.  After church I walked by Rachel and was shocked to see her.  I asked what she was doing here and found out that she was the wife of the guy I had heard about from the Beattys.  Well, Rachel and I went through a mission training together in 2003 when she was heading overseas and I was changing to a different mission organization.  She and I were both in the same group for Eastern Europe.  And then the next year, she came to Budapest and went to church with me.  That is the last time we’ve seen or had any contact with each other.  Now, we are both married and each have two kids! 

DSCN0678Rachel and I saw each other several times over a week, but it was fun to continue to catch up on Christmas Day and for them to have a place to go on Christmas Day (versus the hotel apartment where they had been staying).

DSCN0669Eight kids in all—two being girls.  I think they all had a great time playing together.   

DSCN0706Singing Christmas songs

DSCN0725After singing the kids played hide and seek.  Ethan, Lana, and Sienna decided to hide in the dog’s cage.

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