Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Alumni BB Game

Each December, after Christmas, ICSB (International Christian School of Budapest) has an alumni basketball game.  I have always enjoyed going especially to see the alumni.  It has been a bit different since having kids.  A number of years one of our kids needed to take a morning nap during that time, so Gary would stay home.  One or two years Ethan didn’t like the loud blow horn (which was actually unusually loud at those times).  Last year Gary needed to work to prepare for a course that he would teach a few days later.  But, this year our WHOLE family was actually able to go (possibly the first time since having kids)! 

IMG_8609Sienna wasn’t interested in the game, but Ethan sat on my lap and watched about 3 quarters of the game. 

IMG_8621Early on Sienna ended up going in a lounge area next to the gym to play with the “big girls” (who are in middle school).

IMG_8616After the 3rd quarter Ethan decided to join them for the remainder of the game.

IMG_8618The kids both loved playing with Jessica and Nicole (who are twins) as well as Anna.IMG_8617And, as you see, all of the pictures are of the kids… not the alumni or ICSB kids.  Life is definitely different now.  Of course, I also realize that there probably isn’t anyone reading this blog who would like to see pictures of the current students or those who graduated in the last 4 years.

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