Tuesday, July 30, 2013


We went to the Budapest Zoo with the Beattys earlier this month.  Gary and the kids have only been one other time, two years ago when Sienna was just 4 months old.

DSCN6122The kids had a blast and enjoyed seeing so many animals.  Thankfully it wasn’t an extremely hot day and there was a nice breeze blowing throughout the zoo. 

DSCN6028However, this orangutan kept putting this cloth on his head (presumably because of the heat).  It was quite amusing to watch him.

DSCN6138There were a number of baby animals such as these lion cubs above (all snoozing) and this adorable elephant below.DSCN6048

DSCN5935Ethan was more into the petting zoo part than Sienna was.  She mostly wanted Gary to hold her.  She was fine to hold her hand out sometimes, but wanted Gary to be with her.  However, she did pet a python snake.  Go figure!  Even now, she talks about how the snake was nice to her (because it didn’t bite her).

DSCN6085Unfortunately the kids are too young to appreciate seeing this snake shed its skin.  How many times do you get to see that during the process?! 

DSCN5985I was a little concerned when Sienna started pointing to this peacock and getting her finger closer and closer to its head and then it started moving its head toward her finger.  I pulled her finger away before something happened to cause her to fear peacocks for the rest of her life.

 DSCN5998We had a great spot to eat lunch, sitting by this pond.DSCN6015After eating, the kids enjoyed watching the pelicans, turtles, and ducks (including baby ducks) swimming around.  And we found out that a pelican will eat banana.

DSCN6144A great day that is still being talked about, weeks later, by Ethan and Sienna.

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