Friday, July 12, 2013

July 4th

We had a fun, full day on July 4th!  The Custers invited us over for lunch and for the kids to play in the pool.DSCN6180It was the first time our kids have been in a pool this summer. They had a blast! 

DSCN6187I’m not sure what all Ethan and William were talking about, but I overheard Ethan tell William not to take the plug out because all of the water would go out of the pool.  It looks like William is thinking hard about this.

DSCN6197Sienna finally decided to eat after playing in the pool.

We went home long enough for Sienna to take a nap and then headed over to the Stirlings’ house for their annual 4th of July cook-out.  There were over 80 people there (actually fewer than last year).  I always enjoy talking to different people and the pot-luck style of salads and side dishes.  Gary enjoys these things too, but he also enjoys the American drinks that you can’t get here such as A&W Root Beer.DSCN6237The kids enjoy the games with water balloons.  Al, the host, pictured above, told me later that Ethan would ask him after each game if there were more water balloons.DSCN6248Sienna’s idea of the water balloon toss is that you toss it on the ground and if it breaks then you’re a winner.

DSCN6270Near the end we sing patriotic and American folk songs. The kids weren’t into the singing so much.

DSCN6290The kids are all gathered around with lit sparklers.

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