Saturday, July 20, 2013

Neighbors and Fruit Picking

A few weeks ago our neighbors came over to pick apricots.DSCN6307While they were picking their kids joined ours in the pool.  DSCN6331Even though our kids don’t know Hungarian and Sebi and Bogi don’t know English they all enjoy playing with each other. 

Sebi and Bogi started out playing in their underwear, but their mom brought over swim suits for them to put on.  I think she did it because our kids were wearing suits. Typically Hungarian children would not be wearing clothes to play in their own pool. Maybe American kids typically wouldn’t either, but there is definitely a cultural difference between America and Hungary in how children are clothed at public pools and beaches.

After our neighbors left Ethan wanted to pick some cherries.  DSCN6338This was helpful to me since I freeze and dehydrate them.DSCN6351Trying to get all of the cherries within reach

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