Saturday, November 24, 2012

Update on Ethan

Since I gave an “update” so-to-speak on Sienna I thought I would also share some things that Ethan has been up to.

DSCN1015I mentioned that Sienna has dropped her morning nap.  Ethan has mostly dropped his afternoon nap.  He still has a quiet time in his room and sometimes will fall asleep during that time.  One day he asked if he could read his Bible downstairs while we both had our quiet time.  As you see, he fell asleep while “reading".

DSCN1201Ethan enjoys showing Sienna books and telling her what is in them. 

DSCN1481Ethan is very social, like his mom, but chose to look at this motorcycle/race car magazine during a birthday party instead of jumping around the room with the other kids.  This was very unusual for him.  We don’t have any books about race cars or motorcycles, so maybe that is why he was so interested.

DSCN1533Ethan was playing outside one day while Gary was in Russia earlier this month.  I heard this strange noise and realized that he was moving this green trash can (that is for leaves, branches, etc.) to the other side of the house.  He then spent quite a while putting leaves in the can.  Later in the week, before Gary returned, we all spent time outside raking leaves and putting them in the green trash can.  I kept thinking how great this was that Ethan WANTED to do this type of thing (and doesn’t know anything about receiving money for it like with an allowance).  That will probably change when he’s older.  DSCN1534

Ethan is VERY curious about EVERYTHING.  I thought it was normal for him to ask so many questions until we had dinner with a family who has 7 children.  She home schools and asked me if he was always so inquisitive.  That was when I realized that all kids weren’t this way.

He is very good with remembering names of people and often recognizes what car belongs to whom.  We can pull up in the parking lot where we go to church, and Ethan can say, “There is so-and-so’s car.”  He is good at connecting one piece of information with another.

DSCN1708He likes instruments, especially the guitar.  He would probably like the piano more if we actually had one.

It has been interesting for me to look back at some notes from graduate school concerning mind styles, etc. and be able to look at the styles with my own child (rather than a student).

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