Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Sienna dropped her morning nap the week before Gary went to Russia.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to do a “special” outing with Daddy gone and us having the time to go somewhere.  So we went to the Tropicarium (which is only a 10-minute drive away).  The Custers joined us, which made it much more fun for the kids and for me!

DSCN1277Watching the sting rays   

DSCN1260Ethan really enjoyed the “rain forest” and especially the waterfall.

DSCN1294I think Michelle’s favorite part was this little area that had a black light.  Very cool!  And, everyone was appropriately dressed for the photo except Ethan, who was wearing a dark shirt.

DSCN1320This tunnel was my favorite part.  I think Ethan and William liked it a lot too.DSCN1322There were several different kinds of sharks in the tank.

DSCN1346On the other side of the tank there was a sitting area where everyone sat and watched the sharks and rays swim around. 

DSCN1357Sienna liked all of the pretty colors.

DSCN1366The kids could climb into this little thing that went inside one of the smaller tanks that had sting rays.

DSCN1384 The guinea pigs were a hit with the kids. 

DSCN1397Face-to-face encounter

DSCN1409I guess he is making an alligator face.

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