Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Generous Neighbor

Several of you have made comments to me about not updating the blog since we’ve been in the States.  I keep meaning to, but we’ve had to work on so much other stuff I’ve not had a chance.  So, I am attempting to start working on some blog entries and hopefully get them posted before too long.

Two weeks ago I told Gary that I just had to blog about what happened to us, so I will focus on that for now.  However, I will put a few random pictures at the bottom that are from CO.

We were scheduled to speak to a Sunday School class and then speak in the church service at a church in CO.  Gary and Ethan went out to the car while I was getting the diaper bag, snacks, etc. together.  All of a sudden I heard the horn honking over and over again.  I thought that Ethan had gotten in the front seat and was just honking the horn, so I walked out to stop him.  Lo and behold, Gary was sitting in the front seat of the car, and not honking the horn.  Some how the alarm started going off on the car but we didn’t have the little part that turns it off.  It disabled the car from starting, so nothing Gary tried worked.  The neighbor pulled up and came over to help but couldn’t figure it out either.  Gary’s parents had already left in the other car for their church.  The neighbor heard that we were speaking at a church, so she just told us to take her car.  She had a fairly new Jeep.  We were so surprised that she just said to take her car (especially rather new car) when she hardly knows us.  So, we switched the car seats to her car and went to church.  It was so neat how she pulled up right at the time the alarm was going off.  Otherwise, we would have had to call the church and ask someone to locate Gary’s parents for them to come home and would probably have been about 45 minutes late rather than 10-15.  Thankfully we were speaking to a Sunday School class first.  Otherwise, there would have been people in the church service saying, “Well, we were supposed to have missionaries share with you this morning, but …”  I didn’t mention that we didn’t have any telephone numbers for the pastor or anyone on the missions committee at the church where we were speaking either.  I’m so thankful for God’s provisions and in unexpected ways!

So, here are a few pictures:IMG_1646 Sienna (7 months) with her grandma (Nana). IMG_1648Ethan doing what he loves to do at Papa and Nana’s house- playing the piano.IMG_1910

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