Monday, October 17, 2011

Flights, Flights, and More Flights

We have been on 5 flights in 5 weeks and one day (8 fights if you count the legs).  We’ve also been in 5 different time zones during those five weeks.  I’m eager to land in NC and actually be there a while before flying again.

I’m in the Atlanta airport as I’m starting this post.  Gary is working on a medical claim form, Ethan is sitting next to him in the floor “reading” a book, and Sienna is laying on a blanket, where we hope she will take a nap.

We had a missing bag on the flight from Hungary, but it was a different case than just a missing checked bag.  The bag that was missing was a carry-on that we had put inside of a checked bag.  It was also full of clothes and a tent for Ethan to sleep in.  Somehow the tent and some of the clothes managed their way out of the carry-on and into the larger suitcase.  After much e-mailing and phone calls, Gary just went to the lost and found baggage at the airport when we went for our next flight.  The number the Budapest airport gave us was not one in the computer system.  Thankfully Gary saw the bag and pointed to it saying it was ours.  However, it was full of someone’s stuff.  It was a handbag and laptop inside with a tag from Amsterdam to Budapest.  I don’t know how in the world it got in our bag when our bag was in a checked suitcase leaving Budapest, and this bag was arriving in Budapest.  Sadly, we will probably never get the clothes back that never made it back in the large suitcase.  I’m thankful it wasn’t more and that we did get the carry-on back.  We borrowed a carry-on to take to CO, so once we got our other carry-on from the airport that meant that we had 4 carry-on bags (the wheel kind).  So, Ethan ended up pulling one of them.  From that point, we decided he could help with a carry-on bag during the rest of our travels unless it was too heavy.

Some of you probably wonder how the kids have done on all of these flights.  They are kind of a blur now, but some were good and some not so good.  Thankfully the one from CO to Atlanta today was good, and hopefully the next one will be.  After the flight landed from Atlanta to Denver, Ethan told Gary that he was going back.  Gary asked if he was going to fly back to Atlanta.  Ethan said he was, and Gary asked if he was going to fly back all by himself.  Ethan said, “yes.”  Gary said, “Well, send us a postcard if you find work.”  Then Ethan said, “I’m joking.”

When the flight landed in CO from CA Ethan didn’t want to leave the seat because he was watching a fire truck or something like that out of the window.  Every single person in front of us had left the plane, and many people behind us were waiting for him to get out of the seat.  Thankfully some of them were laughing at him saying he wanted to stay to watch whatever it was (I don’t remember now).

Well, I wrote all of this in the airport and am just posting it 5 days later.  An update on us hoping Sienna would sleep in the airport… well, we ended up picking her up and Ethan laid on the blanket and took a nap.  We had to wake him to get on the flight.

I’m going to post some more random pictures since I don’t have any photos to go with what I’m writing.  I just hate to post something that has no pictures.IMG_2064There are lots of geese near Gary’s parents’ house.  Here Ethan is feeding them, and this particular one was about as tall as Ethan when he stretched his neck (which doesn’t show in this picture).SiennaCutie-pie!

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