Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MRI Results

Gary started having tingling sensations throughout his arms and legs a little over a week ago.  It was keeping him up during several nights.  He hasn’t had a physical since before we were married, so he went to a doctor to get a physical and hoped to also find out about the tingling sensation.  The doctor had him see a neurologist.  The neurologist told Gary that he thought it was a problem in the neck and he wanted Gary to get an MRI.  When Gary asked about possible treatment, the doctor said, possibly surgery.  The appointment for the MRI was last Friday, on Gary’s birthday (yes, bummer).  He got the results afterward but the neurologist was out of the country for a week, so Gary wasn’t going to know the results for another 5 days.  Thankfully the family doctor told Gary to come in and he would look at the results so Gary would not have to wait.  He said that Gary has 4 herniated discs in his neck.  One of them has a broken membrane on the outside.  The other three are bulging.  These put pressure on the nerves which cause the tingling.  So, Gary is supposed to begin physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around the spine.  So, it was a bummer for Gary to have this on his birthday but the results were better than we thought they might be. 

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