Sunday, May 29, 2011

Life this Week

Thank you to those of you who have been praying for me this week.  I’ve had some good days and some bad days.  The days have definitely been long for the most part.  A friend in CA put it well by saying that sometimes a day seems like a year when your husband is gone. 

Our team leader and his wife brought dinner over on Thursday.  Ethan loved having the company (and so did I).  Ethan’s nose has continued to run all week, so he still hasn’t been able to get together with friends his age.  A couple of his friends got a runny nose last week too, so they were going to come over on Friday, but then the Mom called and said that one of them had a fever.  Sadly, I had already told Ethan that they were coming over.  Before that we had planned to go to a friend’s house, and she cancelled that morning.  I had also told Ethan about that, so, the rest of the day, Ethan went around saying, “Someone’s house.”  He was thrilled when some “big kids” came over yesterday and he got to play with them.  We didn’t get to go to church today between him still having a runny nose and me not being able to nurse Sienna/hold her and keep Ethan until children are dismissed for Sunday School. 

Emily came over for dinner tonight, and once again Ethan was excited.  He wanted Emily to brush his teeth and orszivo him.  When it was time for him to go to bed, I told him to go upstairs to pick out a book to read.  He wanted to read the book to Emily.  So, when I went in the bedroom, Ethan was reading a book to Emily, and wanted me to go back downstairs.  Of course, she had to put him in the bed too.  Then after I prayed with him he wanted Emily to pray too.

Here are some pictures since Gary’s been gone.  Gary, I can’t remember if I told you about this lawnmower and scooter or not.IMG_9115IMG_9117These 2 pictures were taken at the house of one of the Hungarian women in my exercise class.  Ethan hasn’t ever seen a riding lawnmower before.  I still don’t think he really understands that it mows the yard like our push lawnmower, but he had a blast “driving'” each of these.IMG_9119Ethan wanted to wear his sunglasses when we went outside to play later in the day.  I think Ethan looks like a little cool dude here. :-)  Ethan pointed to the guitars on this t-shirt while it was on the drying rack today and said, “Acoustic.”  (Gary has taught him the difference in acoustic and bass guitars.)IMG_9134          Here’s a picture from when some of the “big kids” came over yesterday.  Carina seemed especially happy to hold Sienna.  Her mom joked about how our car is a Toyota Carina, and they would like to have a Toyota Sienna van.

I have another blog that was actually ready to post before Gary left, so hopefully I can get it posted soon.  I just wanted to get some new pictures on here for Gary to see while he was away and to let those who have been praying know how it was going.  3 more days to go!

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