Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Fun with Friends

IMG_5922Some friends came over for a salad lunch one day.  We had Ethan, Seth, Tosha, and Evan all sit at this little table to eat their lunch, and of course, not one of them touched their food.  They all were too distracted and wanted to play as you see in the picture below.  IMG_5919

IMG_5924My mom bought this water wheel for Ethan before he was even born.  It said on the box that it was for children one year and up, so we just pulled it out this summer.IMG_5937Seth got the point of it a little more than Ethan.  Ethan thinks the point is to put all of the water from the container everywhere else, one little bit at a time.  Well, at least they enjoyed getting wet.IMG_5939I think this picture is adorable!  The water hose has a leak, so as long as the water is on, a little always comes out.  The boys noticed that, and as soon as the water was getting low in the container, they worked together to try to get some more.IMG_5941

IMG_5949Ethan and Zsuzsi enjoying an apricot.  This was the first time that they really ‘played’ together.  They were chasing each other around the house and ‘hiding’ from one another.IMG_5962Well, this is a different kind of friend.  Ethan is carrying a kitten around at a Hungarian friend’s birthday party.  Poor little cat- being carried upside down.  I actually don’t know if he’s been around kittens before this.

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