Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kids Play Time

Thankfully the weather was nice while Gary was in Croatia.

IMG_6922Seth and Kate came over at the beginning of the week.  I was glad to catch up, let the kids play, and eat Caesar salad that Kristen brought.

Later in the week a few other moms came over and we all made salads to share.

IMG_6994It’s usually difficult for us moms to get the kids to eat when they’re all together (and outside!) like this.

IMG_6998No problems getting them to eat popsicles!

IMG_7008After Ethan and William ate their orange juice popsicles they each wanted more.  So, I gave them some blueberry/raspberry smoothie popsicles that I made.

IMG_7006  Love this picture!

IMG_7012“How many of us can we fit up here?”

IMG_7014So this is how it happens with the younger siblings getting sweets.  Thankfully it didn’t have any sugar.

IMG_7016“I hope Mom doesn’t catch me.”


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