Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bike Ride in January

I was so excited that we were able to bike up into the month of October and remember the day when I said it would be our last bike ride for the year.  Well, I had no idea what an unusually warm winter we would be having.

Our family joined Gary in Slovakia when he taught in January.  We had less than a week before he left for his next teaching trip.  The high that Saturday was 50, so we decided to go for a bike ride (and figuring this would be it for a while).

IMG_8636IMG_8638 Ethan taking a little break. 

IMG_8647Biking on one of my favorite roads…one that was paved last summer and is very wide.  It’s probably the nicest road in our village (though, it’s not a main road at all). 

IMG_8656Ethan taking another break.  He doesn’t normally take several breaks, but for some reason wanted to on this day.  His bike is too small for him, so I think it’s actually harder for him to pedal with it this way.

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