Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beginning of the Year Fun

Each September our mission has a cookout/pot luck meal for everyone to catch up some after being gone for the summer (many are in the US raising support each summer).  It’s also a time to introduce new people with the mission.

For our kids it’s a time when they get to play with a lot of other kids, so they both love it.DSCN7906Eventually the game of Duck, Duck, Goose that was being played in the picture above turned into lots of physical contact with the boys (not in a bad way).  

DSCN7860Sienna getting her water balloon ready for a new game that involved a giant sling shot.

team&cru 046All of the kids had a turn to sling a water balloon up in the air trying to hit a target on some rocks (we were in a rock quarry).team&cru 047Ethan is so focused on the target! 

team&cru 049Gary had to help hold Sienna down while she pulled the sling shot 050Sienna actually got it real close to the target.

DSCN7866 Then some of the men took a turn.DSCN7869Gary’s shot was the closest for a while, but then someone else got closer.

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