Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flooding in Hungary

I’m not sure if the US news has mentioned anything about the flooding that happened in Central Europe a few weeks ago.  Flooding started in Austria but was the worst in Germany.  Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary were also affected.

1,315 people had to be evacuated in Hungary as a result of the flooding.  We don’t live near the river so weren’t affected.

DSCN513220,000 people including 7,000 soldiers worked to put up barriers along the banks of the Danube River.  Gary read that 1 million sandbags were filled.

DSCN5086The river reached the highest recorded level of 8.91 meters (29.23 feet) on Sunday.  It was expected to reach it’s peak on Monday, but thankfully the water began to recede. 

DSCN5127I took these pictures after the river receded some, but as you can see, there are still roads covered quite high with water on each side of the river. DSCN5082DSCN5060The trams on each side of the river weren’t running for a while due to flooding on the tracks like you can see above.DSCN5035Two of the trams normally go through this tunnel that is mostly filled with water.

DSCN5079I saw some pictures that friends took where the Parliament building looked like it was floating on water.  The picture above gives a bit of an idea, but the water was already down some by the time we went into the city.

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