Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Basketball Tournament

ICSB has a basketball tournament every February.  Gary was away teaching both this year and last year during the tournament.  With Sienna only having an afternoon nap now we were able to attend some.  Ethan enjoyed watching the first game, and Sienna was content with me holding her.  However, Ethan had seen a bunch of kids playing in an area when we walked in, so after the first game he wanted to go play with the “big kids”.

Kate and EthanI’m not sure what Ethan and Kate were doing in this picture, but it looks like they are having a serious conversation.

Chloe and SiennaSienna was up for playing some with the “big kids”, but she mostly wanted to be around me.Sienna

crowdThis tournament is one of our community highlights with lots of people attending.  Schools from Ukraine, Russia and Romania came for the tournament this year.

We went on Ethan and Sienna’s actual birthday.  One time when I went to check on Ethan, the coach of a team from Russia walked by and said, “Ethan, are you four?  And, is she (pointing to Sienna) two?”  The coach then looked at me and said that Ethan had told him like 10 times.  I was shocked that this coach from another team even knew his name, but I shouldn’t be surprised knowing my little social butterfly.

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