Sunday, May 20, 2012

Late Birthday Present

My mom bought Ethan a bunch of Thomas the Train stuff and has gradually gotten it over here.  We noticed several train tables when we were in the States last fall and thought that would be nice to have for Ethan.  We even took a picture of one that some friends made.  We thought it would be nice for that to be the gift from Gary’s family, who gave us money for Ethan’s birthday.  However, we went to a variety of stores and could not find one, nor did the workers know where to get one.  We had a carpenter give an estimate about building one, but it was way too expensive.  Then, a friend of mine who is moving sent out a list of things they are selling, and guess what was on the list?!  Yes, a train table!  Once we found out that we could get it I was thrilled!IMG_5145Ethan does play with trains on the table, but he probably plays with cars on it more than with trains.  The wheels of the cars actually fit perfectly on the tracks too.  He also likes the tracks to be changed around fairly often.IMG_5153Here, Ethan has put most of his modes of transportation on the table.

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