Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ethan’s Birthday Celebration at Yaikos

Interestingly, Sienna was born on Ethan’s birthday, so we actually weren’t able to be with Ethan on his birthday- not that he even knew what day it was.

But, Kevin and Kristen were so sweet to have a celebration with their family to celebrate his 2nd birthday.  Here are some pictures that Kristen sent.IMGA0293 I just love this picture!  Ethan with his little buddy, Seth, and Ethan looks so enthralled with what is going on.

I have never been away from Ethan as long as I was while in the hospital (3 days), so I missed him quite a bit.  It brought such joy to my heart when Kristen sent this picture.  Ethan didn’t even know it was his birthday, but they still did something special for him.

IMGA0298 Kristen even made sugar free pudding for him to eat (knowing that we don’t give him sugary sweets).  IMGA0299Doesn’t look like he liked it too much though.  Kristen told me that he didn’t eat all of the pudding and ended up eating a yogurt instead.  Glad to know he is making ‘healthy’ choices. :-)

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