Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back from Albania…Brought Sickness Too

Gary and I did end up getting a little of something toward the end of the week.  Before we left, I mentioned it to the national director’s wife, and she said that evidently it was a virus earlier in the week because it had spread around.  Well, we brought it back with us.  Thankfully the worst hit us both after getting home.

I did not eat much yesterday, but what little I did eat or drink did not stay in my body.  It was the same today.  I ate breakfast and then a few crackers about 3:00 this afternoon.  After the crackers didn’t stay I decided to call the doctor to find out how long I could go without anything in my body while being pregnant.  They told me to come right away for an infusion.  So, we headed to the doctor.  He did an ultrasound (which they always do here when you see them), and thankfully the baby was fine.  That was a big relief.  He said I needed a 1.5 liter infusion.  We went in the room to get it, and the nurse said it would take 2 hours.  Mine and Gary’s mouths dropped with shock.  We had no idea it would take so long.  She said that I could get a bigger needle to make it go a little faster, so I said yes.  It ended up taking almost 1.5 hours.  We brought food for Ethan with us, and Gary took him to Burger King and ordered dinner for himself.  He loves Burger King, and we never go, so he was glad about that part.  They told me that I needed to come back tomorrow for another infusion.

I hope this will end soon.  I don’t like getting home from a trip and only being able to lie in the bed or on the couch for most of the days.  I had a long to-do list for this week written before we even left for Albania.  So far, it’s not getting done.  I know, such is life.  Thankfully, Gary isn’t leaving for another trip now.

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